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Shark ION ROBOT 750 vs Eufy RoboVac 11 – comparison for the right choice

A lot of people wonder which one worths their money – ION ROBOT 750 or Eufy RoboVac 11 — since both of them are known as powerful and durable enough. That’s why I’ve tested them in person and list the brief detailed information.

Either ION ROBOT 750 or RoboVac 11 can boost with the sensors keeping them from stumbling, falling, and entangling with the cords. After all their battery running out, they automatically return to the dock to recharge. Shark ION ROBOT 750 is the easier and more comfortable in use – it fits perfectly for everyday upkeep. has its exclusive mobile phone app for “smart” controlling, but its price is far beyond RoboVac. If you won’t leave your smartphone just for one minute and like to use it for all issues, it is not the shortage.  

Compared to Shark, Eufy has a very large bin – 600 ml while Shark 750 just 380ml. It would be better to purchase this model if there is huge mess in your house. In addition, there is the Virtual Wall option for stopping the tech gadget from cleaning in no-go zones.

Eufy RoboVac 11 – a real workhorse for affordable price

The eufy RoboVac 11 is a budget-friendly Vacuum Cleaner( Vacuum Cleaner) for dry cleaning with a strong suction power at 1,000 Pa. It has no phone app support but can be controlled by remote. Therefore, you have no need to grasp at the smartphone every time you want to clean, you can just use the remote control. This model is also outstanding for its low-profile design and 3-part filter system.

The eufy RoboVac 11 vacuum cleaner has 13 inches in diameter and 3.1 inches high, that offers effective cleaning in hard-to-reach corners. It weighs 6.61 pounds to move it to various types of floor effortlessly. The unit has a dustbin capacity of 600 ml that is larger than many other entry-level models have.

Best Vacuum Cleaner(different approaches to

I liked the 2 side brushes – they collect all the dust and debris, one roller brush to pick up hair, from the floor and from the low-piles carpets. It is equipped with 3 air filters in order to absorb the harmful particles from the air into the cleaning zone. The HEPA filter is a consumable item that can be replaced, and two other filters are washable and reusable. The dustbin is easy to empty. Just press the button to allow it slide out of the robot.

It cleans remarkably well and even captures every debris on carpets on the first operation. The robot also works well on tile, laminate, and hardwood floors, but it is not ideal for high-pile carpets or dark surfaces. Thick or shaggy rugs usually slow it down, even been trapped in.Best Handheld Vacuum(Best Handheld Vacuum)

This RoboVac has no mapping or path scheduling features. It moves randomly using its infrared sensors to avoid obstacles. The robot starts looking for its charging dock when the battery is low, but in some cases it runs out before reaching the base. A drop sensor keeps the vacuum from falling down the stairs.

If the interior doors are open, the gadget can navigate multiple rooms to clean them in one session. No special setup is needed for this issue as it can move everywhere by default as long as the rooms are on the same height.Small Vacuum Cleaner( post)

According to the eufy RoboVac 11 manual, the vacuum has 4 cleaning modes like perimeter cleaning, small area, one room, or edges. The Max mode is important to get rid of dust from rugs; the Auto mode bases the process on the room’s layout and allows the robot run up to 1.5 hours on a single charge. However, it takes approximately 5 hours to get ready for operating again.

Shark ION ROBOT 750 – budget vacuum with remote control Alexa, and App Support

The Shark ION Robot 750 is equipped with a low-cost Wi-Fi capable device in order to match with its exclusive mobile app for “smart” controlling. It is fitted with rotating and rolling brushes to deal with dry dirt and fur.

The product is compact (12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 inches) being able to move underneath low-profile furnishes. Its weight is 5.51 lbs, so even a child can hold it without effort. The Shark ION Robot 750 consists of a small dust bin of only 380 ml, so I have to empty it too often.

The Shark ION 750 is able to random navigate but not very powerful, depending on its two side brushes to remove dirt on any hard surfaces and a brush roller for carpets that sweep the debris into the dust cup. The item has great performance at picking up the tiniest granular particles, crumbs, and powder-like substances.

The users can control the Shark ION Robot 750 by physically touch, voice Alexa command, or via a phone app. When the battery is dying, the smart gadget comes back to the dock base. It’s probably to set up it for scheduled cleaning or whenever it charges.

The ION robot 750 is fitted with the magnetic barrier that prevents the device from moving to the unsanctioned areas and its edge brush from being stuck on a cord. In addiction, the vacuum also sends the text alert to the app or the direct audio alert when it gets stuck as well as warns the user when the dust bin is full. This model has sensors to recognize stepstairs and to avoid falling off.

The device goes hassle-free from one sort of surface to another, and it copes with baseboards easily. If it cannot stop before reaching the baseboard, it slows down, bounces slightly, and turns to another direction. The robot also has the self-cleaning brush that helps to avoid hair entangling with it. It creates the smart map for adapting to the surrounding area. The Spot mode makes the robot drive in circles and work on a certain area before going back into a typically cleaning mode.

The item sweeps quietly, making it ideal to operate even at night without disturbing anybody. It’s necessary to manually carry it up and put it on each floor upstairs or downstairs. This product does not track where it has been, so it won’t return where it has left off. The ION 750 runs only 70 minutes on a single charge and takes about 3 hours to be fully recharged.

Of course, there are some other great robot vacuum cleaners on the market, such as Eufy RoboVac 11s, iRobot Roomba series, Neato Botvac D80. For the purpose of buying a perfect robot vacuum, you could look for the BestAndFirst(BestAndFirst), where can be easy to discover and compare the best of the best in all consumer categories including fashion, beauty, health, kids, pets, travel, tech product, personal care. Which makes me impressive is that each product sold on BestAndFirst goes through a series of quality assurance checks to ensure the best experience for users and customers. Therefore, I don’t need worry about quality of products. Go and have a try.Tech lifestyle(


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